CatBar History


Becoming Veggie

1982 Back in the old days...
there was a band called CRASS,their symbol is on our Cat beermats left knee
their records came with leaflets, one of which, possibly from the ALF,
said that cows were being fed with cow meat,and chickens with chicken,
and that if humans eat humans they go mad, (apparenty humans taste of chicken)
it seemed logical, so I gave up eating dead animals
and sure enough by 1988 lots of cows were going mad,
maybe chickens too, how can you tell? and it killed humans too..
Mad Cow BSE info here >

Modern History

2008 Daft drunk idea to open a vegan bar restaurant


Aug 2nd 2009 We get the keys
Facebook said there were 250 people interested in "vegan"
can't remember if it was just Catalunya or Spain..